Kim Jacobs

Kim Jacobs obtained her Masters in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture (MAOM). Her studies began in Houston, TX and she graduated from the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Austin, TX. She is an NCCAOM Diplomat of Oriental Medicine. Since 2007, she has been practicing acupuncture and clinical nutrition in New Braunfels, where she lives with her husband and two children.

Prior to becoming an acupuncturist, Kim received her Masters degree from the University of Houston in Training and Development. She worked 14 years as an instructional design specialist and consultant in corporations in various field from aerospace to computer technology. From that experience she learned the art of listening to people and developed a keen sense of questioning to find the root cause to an issue. That same skill has been invaluable in working with patients in a form of medicine that listens for the body’s own wisdom and searches for the root cause to an illness.